Soul blisteringly difficult changes may be good for the hardcore fans, but we did not want to make BulletRage unplayable for everyone else. We needed a fun difficulty system that players of all skill levels could enjoy, all without watering down the experience. The 5 difficulty levels ranges from Normal, Hard, Insanity, Ultra Insanity to Beyond Infinite ∞. There are many game variables that changes based on the difficulty level and how many active players are in the party. Each difficulty level was carefully calibrated with a different gameplay experience in mind. Some of the highest combo tiers will only be possible at higher difficulty modes.

BulletRage Level Design Concepts: Pure Handcrafted Carnage BulletRage initially experimented with procedural levels but something just felt off…. It was lacking that handmade and fully designed experience that we wanted for BulletRage. So we decided to go with 100% handcrafted levels