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Top-Down Arcade Insanity

  • 8 players Online Multiplayer PvP with 20 playable characters
  • Easy arcade-style controls with fast-paced combat
  • Story campaign solo or 4 players couch/online co-op
  • Giant boss fights and plenty of endgame infinite replay
  • Customize weapons and play cross-platform
  • Level Editor and Twitch + Mixer Game Modes

The Story

In a dark future, Death Carnival is the number one entertainment show in the galaxy. A sporting event of blood and pure carnage, broadcast across the furthest reaches of space. Contestants come from all corners of the galaxy to compete for fame, fortune and power. Choose your character and battle through massive hordes of robots and monsters with oversized weaponry and insane power-ups to reach the top. Are you up for the challenge?


PvP Combat up to 8 Players Online

  • Controls and optimizations tuned for high-speed PvP gameplay
  • Classic Modes, such as Free-for-All and Team Deathmatch
  • Battle Fortress: Build defensive and offensive structures to help take over the other team’s base
  • Built-in voice chat support and taunts
  • Join or Create a squad to compete in team tournaments and squad rankings
  • Cross-platform support for all multiplayer game modes

40+ Campaign Levels Across Multiple Worlds

  • Battle with 4 Players online / Couch Co-op
  • Fight across planets of Ruined Earth, Magma, Ice, Desert, Trees, and more
  • Story mode with more 40+ handcrafted levels and giant boss fights
  • Modify your arsenal into your ideal over-powered weapon configurations
  • Upgrade with unique Ammo and Weapon Mods for your characters
  • Level Editor and Twitch + Mixer Game Modes

Level Editor, Twitch, Mixer Game Modes

  • C.M.S. Carnage Management System auto balances gameplay for Level Editor, Streamer Modes, Campaign Levels, Procedural Levels and PvP
  • Audience on Twitch and Mixer can affect and edit levels in real-time, without additional software, and compete as teams to see who can do the most harm or good
  • Easy-to-use Mario Maker-style level editor, creating entire levels in minutes with hundreds of objects ready to use and community level sharing

Infinite Replay with Boundless Possibilities

  • After story mode, enjoy endless replay value with procedurally generated levels
  • Daily and Weekly special challenge levels with unique loot
  • Win character cosmetics and weapon modules through battles and achievements
  • Visit your favorite streamer to cause havoc or save the day
  • Battle against strangers online, or invite them for a boss-raid challenge