Level Design Process

BulletRage Level Design Concepts: Pure Handcrafted Carnage

BulletRage initially experimented with procedural levels but something just felt off…. It was lacking that handmade and fully designed experience that we wanted for BulletRage. So we decided to go with 100% handcrafted levels instead.

With purposely designed levels, there were many advantages with several main things that BulletRage strives to achieve.


BulletRage levels, and BulletRage in general are all about choices. The freedom to choose how you play the game. And so the levels are designed to allow players to speed-run if you are great at dodging everything, or be destruction incarnate and lay waste to every enemy and destructible environment in your way, or cautiously creep forward and play it safe.

Destructible Environment:

Almost everything except for the boundary walls are destructible in BulletRage. Of course, some structures will have a much higher HP than others to avoid having empty rooms within the first few seconds of battle.

We purposely kept the score bonus very low for structural destruction to avoid encouraging players to sit there all day destroying high HP environmental structures, unless they really enjoy doing that. We understand that there are some players who just loves to destroy everything in their path though, so that’s definitely still available to those must-smash-everything players.

level design wireframes 1

Level Shortcuts:

There will be shortcuts and optional paths in some levels in the game. Some may be hidden, and some may be an obvious challenge. But none of them will be easy. If you want to take the shortcut, you will have to pay dearly in pain for it.


There are a minimum of 3 secrets in each level, with each granting a nice score bonus and an item to greatly speed progression. So depending on your play style, the secrets could make a large impact. Some secrets are straight forward such as hidden walls, and some secrets will be more complex. Don’t worry about not knowing about the existence of a complex type secret in a level though, the prize will be dangled in front of you while we laugh in evil glee.

Stay tuned and follow us for more dev updates, showing all the cool stuff that is BulletRage.

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